Organic Valencian Tiger Nut: The New Superfood You Should Include in Your Daily Diet

It’s most likely that you've heard lately about superfoods and the benefits of including them in your daily diet. Foods that provide a large number of nutrients are considered superfoods and their properties can be beneficial for your health. According to nutritional analysis by the World Health Organisation (WHO), certain foods are considered a superfood [...]

What are the benefits of eating tiger nuts for your health?

Slowly but steady, tiger nuts are becoming known for their properties and health benefits and not only for being the main ingredient from which Valencian horchata is made. These benefits were already known by the ancient Egyptian, Persian and Chinese empires, which already used the tiger nut for their medical value for healing purposes. Tiger [...]

What are tiger nuts? History, functions & effects

The history of tiger nuts: a millenary healthy food Chufa is a historical, gastronomic and cultural treasure, a thousand-year-old tuber venerated by our ancestors due to its great contribution of nutrients and its curative power for different illnesses. According to research conducted by the University of Oxford, tiger nuts were a staple food in the [...]

Organic tiger nuts and its importance to the body

Little by little, tiger nuts are becoming more known to the world as something more than the ingredient to make horchata. Thanks to the number of benefits it brings to our body, tiger nuts have gone from being a local product in Valencia to a fashionable superfood beyond our borders. Wait, haven’t you ever heard [...]

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