Tiger nuts, the best alternative for consumers dealing with food allergies and intolerances

In previous posts we have focused on the importance of including tiger nuts in your daily diet to benefit from its many properties: fibre, minerals, vitamins, etc. We have tried to inspire you with all the possible ways this can be done, from the traditional horchata beverage to cooking and baking with tiger nut flour. [...]

Chufas Bou participates in Biofach 2020

One more year we have packed our bags and we have come to Nuremberg (Germany) from where we wrote to you! As you know, we want to give the organic Valencian tiger nut the place it deserves, so we return to participate in Biofach, world’s leading trade fair for organic food, from today unitl next [...]

Where to buy tiger nuts?: Everything you need to know

It is true that Valencian tiger nuts are becoming more trendy as a new superfood due to its great contribution of nutrients, but did you know that also the very same NASA considered the tuber as one of the foods to include for future space missions? If you want know more details and peculiarities of [...]

New organic Valencian tiger nut granola, with no added sugar!

That's right! we are launching this incredible new produt! And we are excited to tell you that we have founf the perfect recipe for two new organic Valencian tiger nut granolas, with no added sugar! The new flavors are: - Organic Valencian tiger nuts and cocoa granola - Organic Valencian tiger nuts and banana granola [...]

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Rewarding Visits

Last summer Amalia and Eric wrote to us. They are a lovely couple who told us they were visiting Valencia and they wanted to try and learn how to make the best tiger nut milk. They told us that they found a way to work around the world and live a traveling lifestyle. We enjoyed [...]

Properties of tiger nuts: why is it essential in your diet

Every day, consumers are more aware of health and nutrition. It is a fact every time we take a packaged food from the supermarket shelf we turn it over to see and check its nutritional information, but do we really know what this data means? In the nutritional labels, only some of the relevant data [...]

Organic Valencian Tiger Nut: The New Superfood You Should Include in Your Daily Diet

It’s most likely that you've heard lately about superfoods and the benefits of including them in your daily diet. Foods that provide a large number of nutrients are considered superfoods and their properties can be beneficial for your health. According to nutritional analysis by the World Health Organisation (WHO), certain foods are considered a superfood [...]

What are the benefits of eating tiger nuts for your health?

Slowly but steady, tiger nuts are becoming known for their properties and health benefits and not only for being the main ingredient from which Valencian horchata is made. These benefits were already known by the ancient Egyptian, Persian and Chinese empires, which already used the tiger nut for their medical value for healing purposes. Tiger [...]