Organic Valencian Tiger Nut: The New Superfood You Should Include in Your Daily Diet

It’s most likely that you’ve heard lately about superfoods and the benefits of including them in your daily diet. Foods that provide a large number of nutrients are considered superfoods and their properties can be beneficial for your health.

According to nutritional analysis by the World Health Organisation (WHO), certain foods are considered a superfood because a rational amount of these foods can provide the recommended daily amount of nutrients necessary for a healthy diet.

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Many of these superfoods were already used thousands of years ago by ancient civilizations, either for food or medicinal purposes. Today, we are rediscovering these same superfoods and starting to incorporate them into our daily diets.

Often, we go crazy looking for where to buy rare cereals, seeds or herbs to introduce into our daily diet. Yet many times, we can find the best superfoods in the nearest garden.

Such is the case of the tiger nut, which was a staple food in the diet of ancient civilizations and that the Egyptians used to make a cake offered to their God Ra. Throughout history, we find different writings by Persian, Arab and Chinese authors who wrote about the great digestive and antioxidant benefits of tiger nuts and horchata (the drink made from tiger nuts).

Tiger nuts have been used even as an ointment for scorpion stings!.

Are tiger nuts high in calories?

When we worry about the daily intake of the nutrients we consume, we usually look at the calories, but do we really know what they mean? These tell us the amount of energy that food brings to our body.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that a healthy diet helps to protect us from some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or anaemia among others. The daily caloric intake should be balanced with the caloric expenditure, that is, we should accompany a healthy diet with the practice of moderate physical activity.

The WHO recommends an average caloric intake for adults of 2,000 kcal, which should be distributed in about five meals per day. The recommended daily serving of tiger nuts is 20 grams (about twenty-five singe tiger nuts), which translates to only 86.5 of the famous kilocalories.

As we’ve mentioned in this post, including organic tiger nuts in your daily diet provides endless benefits to the body, and taking into account the calories you have, a serving of tiger nuts is perfect to consume between meals as a snack, or also as a supplement in a complete breakfast.

In addition, tiger nuts can be adapted to the diets recommended for weight loss. Its satiating effects, which are due to its high starch content, are perfect for eating without exceeding your caloric goal!

daily dose organic valencian tiger nut

Tiger Nuts in the most demanding diets

Contrary to the usual belief and name, tiger nuts are not a nut, but an edible tuber that grows underground in the roots of plants. It is free of all food allergens. So tiger nuts and all its derivatives can adapt to all diets, lifestyles, and intolerances.

It suits the raw diet or raw food which consists of the intake of food that is not cooked at high temperatures. It is also compatible with religious diet beliefs, such as the kosher diet or halal diet, and with all food intolerances such as gluten, lactose or fructose.

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Can we consider tiger nuts a superfood?

Yes! And besides, it’s great! In all its forms, raw tiger nut, peeled tiger nut, in horchata (tiger nut milk), tiger nut ice cream… You can see here all the possibilities of consuming tiger nuts.

We can consider the tiger nut as a superfood because of the number of nutrients and benefits it brings to our health. A balanced diet and the realisation of physical activity is fundamental to leading a healthy way of life.

In case you still aren’t convinced, consider that in 2010 NASA began to study tiger nuts as food for future space missions because of its high nutritional value. So, maybe soon tiger nuts will feed the astronauts.

From Alboraya, to space!

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