Rewarding Visits

Last summer Amalia and Eric wrote to us. They are a lovely couple who told us they were visiting Valencia and they wanted to try and learn how to make the best tiger nut milk. They told us that they found a way to work around the world and live a traveling lifestyle.

We enjoyed reading their story and arranged to meet at L’Obrador de Bou. We told them a little more about the tiger nut history, its health benefits, and we also talked about the myths around our flagship product. They didn’t know that tiger nuts are a tuber and completely allergen-free!

lobrador de bou

They were interested in our history, how Jose Maria Bou changed the traditional way of drying tiger nuts more than 70 years ago, and how the process of curing for more than 4 months makes the product acquire that exquisite and sweet characteristic flavour.

We showed them how to make organic, tiger nut horchata, with our family recipe, which has less sugar and the best raw ingredient, organic Valencian tiger nuts. We also explained to them the best ways to consume it, like a typical drink we make of half coffee and half horchata called sol y sombra (sun and shade) or horchata ice cream of different flavours.

making horchata
helados ecológicos bou

It was a wonderful morning, where we learned from them, from their way of living and seeing life. They recently wrote to us again, and they told us that they wrote a post on their blog about us.

We invite you to take a look at MoveToTraveling.com, where Amalia and Eric share all their travel experiences. With their permission, here are some photos and their story about us, which brings tears to our eyes.

 Thank you very much and may our paths cross again!

lobrador de bou tienda
l'obrador de bou alboraya
gluten free crepes
l'obrador de bou la patacona

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