Where to buy tiger nuts?: Everything you need to know

It is true that Valencian tiger nuts are becoming more trendy as a new superfood due to its great contribution of nutrients, but did you know that also the very same NASA considered the tuber as one of the foods to include for future space missions?

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If you want know more details and peculiarities of the tiger nut as where to buy them, where they grow and many more things, read on!

Before this, you must remember that tiger nuts are a natural source of energy that provides a large amount of vegetable protein and minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc and vitamins C and E. Learn more about its benefits for the body in this post.

Tiger nuts are not only the raw ingredient used to make horchata, but they have a lot of alternatives to include them in your diet such as tiger nut flour, which is perfect for making bread, pastries or other desserts. With our tiger nuts, we produce horchata which we use as the base for ice cream, without gluten or lactose. The peeled tiger nut is an easy food to eat raw which is ideal to have as a snack between meals, and the laminated or sliced ​​tiger nuts are perfect as a dressing or decoration on the dishes.

The organic tiger nut is free of all allergen, so it is perfect for any type of intolerance, for example to lactose, gluten and fructose and adapts to all the most stringent diets.

The tiger nut plant

Surely more than once you have asked where do tiger nuts come from? Tiger nuts are edible tubers that grow on the roots of the plant with the same name.

The plant of the tiger nut is very delicate, it requires a warm climate with high humidity and a specific temperature range, as given in the Mediterranean region. The soil of field must be sandy, loose, spongy and well levelled. These conditions are given perfectly in the Valencian area, which becomes the only territory of Spain where this tuber is grown, thus making it a Valencian native food.

planta chufa tubérculo

Learn all you need to know about tiger nuts

The Valencian tiger nut, protected by the Designation of Origin

The cultivation of tiger nut in Valencia is protected by the D.O. of the Tigernut of Valencia (CRDO in Spanish), which ensures and guarantees the quality, origin and traceability of the Valencian tuber.

Among their guidelines, they determine that tiger nut production will be made exclusively from tubers Cyperus esculentus (L. var. Sativus Boeck) and its cultivation will be carried out exclusively in sixteen regions of L’Horta Nord in Valencia, among which are our organic fields.

The CRDO monitors the whole process of tiger nut cultivation, from the seed, irrigation, cleaning, variety and all aspects of the tuber. Only if certified by the Designation of Origin will it be considered as Valencian tiger nut.

Valencian organic tiger nuts

Organic farming is certified by the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community, which prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides, so all the work that is done to the crop is manual and following traditional ways.

“As a result, the harvest is free of chemical waste and respectful with the environment, and therefore you as a consumer can benefit from a more natural and healthy diet.”

The organic tiger nut from Valencia has countless health benefits!

In addition to obtaining tiger nuts of maximum quality, we respect the environment and ensure the sustainability of the Valencian fields, putting in value the work of the local farmer.

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Where to bou tiger nuts

Knowing the benefits and nutrients that tiger nut consumption can contribute to your health, the next step is to know where to buy them taking into account the specifications of the Regulatory Council and the Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Comunity. You will easily distinguish these if you see both certification logos on the label and above all, if they are Chufas Bou products, they will surely have both certificates! 

If you are a consumer, you can find tiger nuts in some organic supermarkets, in our online shop, bulk stores and organic and local markets.

If on the contrary, you are a master craftsman or you are part of a team of food product development that wants to incorporate tiger nuts in your elaborations, you can contact us directly, with our experienced and great know-how in the tiger nut industry, we will be able to support and supply you.

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Patrick Escobar says:

22/12/2020 at 02:53

Hola, me gustaría producir horchata aquí en South Australia, donde estoy viviendo ahora. Soy originario de Vila-real, Castellón, así que algo conozco del producto. Me gustaría saber cómo resultaría el precio por kilo y los gastos de envío, que mucho me temo encarecerán bastante el posible negocio. Saludos cordiales

Bea says:

22/12/2020 at 08:12

Hola Patrick!! ¿Qué tal estás? ¿Podrías enviarnos un correo electrónico a jmbou@jmbou.com ? ¡Muchas gracias, un saludo!

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