ChufaCream the first tiger nut spread without added sugar


Chufas Bou presents ChufaCream, its new spreadable cream made 100% with organic Valencian tiger nuts that allows you to enjoy the properties of the Valencian superfood in a different way.

ChufaCream is ideal to spread on toasts for healthy breakfasts and quick bites, but also as an ingredient in pastry recipes such as puddings, cakes, muffins, cookies, etc. Its natural sweetness allows reducing the use of sugars and even avoiding the use of added sugars.


Properties and benefits of ChufaCream

As we have said in previous posts, tiger nuts can be considered a superfood thanks to the amount of nutrients they provides to our body. Now with ChufaCream it is easier to include organic tiger nuts in our daily diet.

Tiger nut are a great source of natural minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron and zinc and vitamins. Its high fiber content helps regulate our body and its starch content helps us feel satiated. In addition, ChufaCream adapts to all diets and intolerances, it does not contain gluten or lactose and is 100% vegetable.


Chufas Bou and innovation

The launch of ChufaCream happens at the same time we are celebrating our 75th anniversary, which year after year continues to innovate with its star raw material: organic Valencian tiger nuts to expand its catalogue of healthy foods. Tiger nut cream opens up a world of possibilities for the Valencian tuber, highlighting its use as a raw material for all kinds of elaborations beyond horchata.

Chufas Bou began selling its tiger nut crops in 1946 among horchata artisans. Since the start, the company has improved its facilities year after year and has achieved a reputation in the sector for the quality of its products.

In 2012, the company adopted organic farming in all its fields in Alboraya to offer more quality and be more sustainable. The objective of the company is to add value to one of the most important Valencian raw materials of our land, paying the best price to farmers allowing them to continue with their activity, protecting the Valencian countryside and our heritage.

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