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A good artisan knows that the quality of the raw materials used is critical for professional success, that’s why we offer you the best Valencian tiger nuts in all possible versions for any food application.

Over the years we have become suppliers of the most prestigious tiger nut milk artisans in Spain, from the largest cities such as Madrid and Barcelona ​​to Ceuta and Melilla, through Alicante, Murcia, Malaga, Seville, among many others. We are proud that the most renown “artisan horchatas” in Spain are made with our tiger nuts.

Did you know that tiger nut can be used in many different food applications?

Create delicious and healthy products with the trendiest superfood of the moment: the tiger nut!


Many artisan bakeries together with cake and pastry confectioners incorporate tiger nut flour as a raw ingredient for some of their elaborations since it adapts to all special need diets and food intolerances.

Its natural sweetness makes it a great choice to use in baked products, reducing the need for added sugars.

Some confectioners also make muesli and granola, combining tiger nuts with other grains, seeds, nuts and fruits. We propose tiger nut muesli with gluten-free oats and millet.

Innovations in modern cuisine to offer unique and quality experiences have led to renowned restaurants and caterings to make delicious dishes and desserts based on tiger nuts, both for its taste and for its health benefits.

The sliced or crushed ​​tiger nuts are ideal as a topping or to mix in all kinds of elaborations, from dressing salads to decorate dishes and desserts.

Another alternative in the culinary world is the ice cream elaborated with natural tiger nut milk and the preparation of cakes and desserts with tiger nut flour.

For the tiger nut milk and ice cream artisans, we prepare our Valencian tiger nuts “Special” selection. A unique raw material, cured for more than 4 months to obtain a characteristic sweet and balanced flavour, perfect for making an exceptional natural horchata.

We guarantee a consistent quality throughout the season, so that the flavour of your horchata is always perfect, from the first glass of the season to the last.

What our customer say about us

“What we value most in the over seventy years that we have been working with them is the predisposition they show us year after year, to solve any type of inconvenience. We have passed from generation to generation, both they and us, and we continue to understand each other perfectly. The supply us with the best product and the best conditions. Tradition, professionalism and quality.”

horchatería azul alicante

Inma Sorribes

Horchatería Azul (Alicante)

What do the customers of Chufas Bou say?

“For us, their tiger nuts are the best of Alboraya and all Spain! The relationship we have with them and the service offered are unbeatable, but the most important thing is our friendship and trust.”

Jose Antonio Mullor

Orxateria Torroneria Sirvent (Barcelona)

What do the customers of Chufas Bou say?

“Our relationship with Chufas Bou and their tiger nuts is a special case. We have been almost three-quarters of a century and four family generations, purchasing their best tiger nuts to make the product we are best known for: fresh tiger nut horchata!.

We always rely on Chufas Bou for supplying us with unique tiger nuts of exceptional quality. Their know-how in the curing of tiger nuts is key for the success of our business and the reason for our long-lasting relationship, together with their professionalism, disposition and transparency. We also highly value their motivation to constantly improve and their respect for the environment.

A traditional artisan supplier like Chufas Bou is rarely found nowadays and priceless for us. I hope that the Bou family will allow us to continue enjoying their good work in the years to come.”

kiosko peret

“Peret” Fuster

Kiosko Peret (Alicante)

We assure you the best quality tiger nuts in the market, endorsed by:

More than 70 years of experience

in the curing of the tiger nut tuber.

The loyalty

of our customers.

Certificates of compliance

with the most demanding food safety standards in the sector.

Take your creativity to another level using Valencian tiger nuts!