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Trust our experience to grow and offer you the best tiger nuts

Committed to the Valencian tiger nut tradition for more than 70 years

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Chufas Bou is a synonym of quality, tradition and ecology, with more than 70 years of experience in growing tiger nuts in Valencia. Our tiger nuts come, in addition to our family fields of organic farming in Alboraya, from many local farmers from the Valencian countryside region of L’Horta Nord.

The company has 23.000m2 of modern facilities located in Puzol, with 8.000m2 of interior drying facilities traditionally called cambras, the largest in our sector, a space designed for the optimal curing of the tiger nut is obtained. This is very important to ensure the tiger nuts develop a sweet and balanced flavour that makes them unique and irresistible.

It is this quality of the tiger nuts that has made us grow in the sector and work with the best master artisans and the most important food industries.

In 2013, to complete the circle between our organic fields and the final customer, we opened L’Obrador de Bou, the first certified horchatería and the first organic artisan ice-cream shop in Valencia.

L’Obrador de Bou is the place where tradition and innovation merge, where year after year we create our recipes using traditional techniques in order to experiment and add value to our star product, the organic Valencian tiger nuts.

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Offer our customers products of the highest quality by controlling the entire process of growing and transformation of tiger nuts.


To be flagship of quality and innovation, generating value for our customers, suppliers and workers.

The principles of Chufas Bou

“We want to be remembered for enhancing a key product of our land and tradition, setting the highest standards of quality and guaranteeing the future of Valencia’s agricultural countryside.”

Only well-done work

The Bou family has been dedicated for more than 70 years to the growing of Valencian tiger nuts. We are experts in growing, curing and selecting the best tiger nuts. Only by offering the best product have we achieved the loyalty to our customers.

More than partners, family

All the workers of the company are part of a large family. Working together as a team, combining our efforts and showing respect to one another we can face any challenge.

Tradition and passion for the Valencian countryside

We care for tradition and good work, embracing the job and the lifestyle of our local farmers.

With feet on the ground

We only have one planet and we have to nurture and protect it. We support organic agriculture and this is how we manage our fields. At the same time, we are committed to reducing waste and using eco-friendly packaging.

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All for you

Tiger nuts are exceptional, healthy and delicious food. We know that our customers are increasingly concerned about a healthy organic diet, based on high-quality ingredients and made in an artisan and traditional way, which is exactly what we stand for.

We want tiger nuts to be known and enjoyed all around the world!