Extra virgin tiger nut oil

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Tiger nut oil, a Valencian treasure

To obtain the extra virgin tiger nut oil the whole tuber is cold pressed in a purely mechanical process resulting in the extraction of an amber coloured liquid, clear and with a soft and pleasant sweet flavour. This method of extraction is used in order to avoid altering the nutritional health benefits of the tuber and its organoleptic potential. Hence this oil has a cardio-healthy lipid profile and stands out for its high content of vitamin E.

Tiger nut oil is highly regarded in the cosmetic industry and is used as an ingredient for natural lotions and hand bar and body soaps. Its high content in phytosterols makes this product a natural antioxidant, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin and therefore It is very effective in epidermal treatments. In addition, it has healing and repairing effects, providing elasticity, revitalising the cells and preventing ageing.

Tigernut oil was already used by ancient Egyptians, who used it to cook sweets and make aromatic balms offered in their rituals to God Ra. Centuries later, the Byzantine Romans used tiger nuts to produce special oils to which they attributed important healing properties.

To make tiger nut oil, the first step is to carefully select the tiger nuts that are to be pressed, then, they are manually placed in circular sieves mounted one on top of the other until they form a long tower of approximately 2 meters, ready to be compressed.

As a result of pressing the sieves, tears of oil are formed. These are then forced through up to three filters to remove all the impurities in the final oil before it can be packed.

Appearance: fluid oily liquid.
Color: golden yellow-amber.
Smell: soft and subtle.
Touch: silky, penetrates fairly quickly on the skin.

Extra virgin tiger nut oil is a very stable vegetable oil. It is recommended to keep in a dry place, between 16 and 23ºC, avoiding direct light.

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Tigernut oil, the most versatile oil



Moisturising and nourishing


Gluten free




High vitamin E content




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