Organic tiger nut ice cream

Delicious, healthy and nutritious

helados horchata ecológicos

Organic tiger nut ice cream

We elaborate ice cream with three different bases: based on grass-grazed milk, water sorbets and our signature ones based on natural horchata (tiger nut milk). All the raw ingredients we use are of the highest quality and organic certified.

All our organic ice cream flavours are gluten-free, without preservatives, colourants, or artificial flavours. In addition, ice cream flavours based on horchata and fruit sorbets are also lactose-free and vegan.

We use our fresh organic natural horchata we make in L’Obrador de Bou, as a base for ice cream. We work with producers nearby, supporting local trade, such as Jijona nougat or honey from beekeepers in the natural parks of Alicante.

Our flavours:

helado horchata de chufa

Horchata ice cream

our organic natural horchata turned into ice cream, more refreshing and conserving all its properties.

helado horchata merengada

Horchata merengada ice cream

horchata macerated with lemon and cinnamon.

helado turrón de jijona

Jijona nougat

horchata with the best nougat (tradicional almond and honey Christmas dessert).

helado chocolate negro pepitas

Tiger nut brownie

horchata withn cocoa and tiger nut flour brownie.

helado coco

Coconut ice cream

with intense flavour to this sweet and nutritious fruit.

helado tutti fruti

Horchata tutti frutti

with small pieces of different seasonal fruits.

helado pitahaya

Pitahaya (Dragon fruit)

horchata with the best nougat (traditional almond and honey Christmas dessert).

helado açaí


considered as a superfood, will help you travel to the heart of the Amazon.

Our most classic ice creams flavours are made combining exceptional ingredients like fair-trade cacao, coffee and vanilla or Italian pistachios and hazelnuts, with the best fresh milk from dairy cattle which freely spend most of their time grazing rich pastures.

Our flavours:

helado chocolate con leche

Chocolate milk ice cream

with the best fair trade chocolate for an intense flavour.

helado stracciatella

Stracciatella ice cream

delicious cream with crispy chocolate chips. An Italian classic.

helado pistacho

Pistachio ice cream

made with the best Bronte pistachio on the island of Sicily.

helado vainilla

Vanilla ice cream

with the best fair trade quality vanilla from Madagascar.

helado avellana

Hazelnut ice cream

with the most famous hazelnuts in the world of the Piedmont region in Italy.

helado yogur

Yogurt ice cream

a classic flavour, healthy and delicious.

helado cafe

Coffee ice cream

the best quality fair trade Arabica coffee.

We have delicious fruit sorbets and dark chocolate ice cream

Our flavours:

helado chocolate negro pepitas

Dark chocolate with chocolate chips

the most powerful cocoa flavour we have ever made.

helado fresa


a classic taste with an authentic flavour.

helado frambuesa


with intense flavour to this delicious fruit.

helado mango


the same sweetness as enjoying a refreshing ripe mango.

helado limón


the perfect balance of acidity and freshness.

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