Uses of concentrated tiger nut milk (horchata)

With our goal to continue enjoying the benefits of our best-quality horchata (tiger nut milk), we’ve introduced one of our latest products. It is our very own concentrated tiger nut milk which is organic and pasteurized, that you can definitely enjoy within the four corners of your home.  

We make sure that our concentrated tiger nut milk is made from our best selection of organic tiger nuts. How do we do that? Patience is the key. These nuts have a curing process of more than four months wherein the tiger nuts acquire their innate sweet flavor that makes them special. This is just to give you a bit of an idea on how we carry out the organic cultivation of Valencian tiger nuts in our fields in Alboraya. 

Tiger nut milk or also known as horchata, is gradually becoming one of the most widely used vegetable daily drink, alongside with oat milk and soy milk. Horchata is a gluten-free, lactose-free, and 100% vegetable milk that adapts to all kinds of diets and intolerances

How to prepare horchata at home?

Since horchata is a typical refreshing summer drink, our concentrated tiger nut milk will help break that connotation, by bringing you a bottle of all-year-round goodness! Its pasteurized quality allows us to make horchata that resembles the best artisan recipe within your home! It’s so good and tasty that even if it’s Decemeber, it will take you to our horchata shop beachfront terrace with the view of the Patacona Beach!


With a 500ml bottle, you can make up to two and a half liters (2.5L) of artisanal organic horchata that is almost the same as drinking from a fancy glass at your favorite horchata shop! With a bottle of this concentrated tiger nut lying in your pantry, you’ll be the best host anyone could ever visit! 

Prepare a spectacular drink in a few easy steps! Always remember, ratio is 1 to 4 – one part of concentrated tiger nut milk and four parts of mineral water. If you want a liter of homemade horchata, you need 200ml of concentrated tiger nut milk, 800ml of very cold water, blend them thoroughly, then, voila! You have your very own Tiger Nut Horchata! Don’t forget to keep the remaining concentrated milk refrigerated and you can consume within 3 months.   

Horchata for confectionery and hospitality

The uses of the concentrated tiger nut milk don’t end within your home! It is also used by hotels, restaurants, cafés, and any other food service companies to make a simple horchata drink or a more refreshing ice slush and smoothies for their customers. To pair with these drinks, it is also a perfect product to be used in pastries, cakes, biscuits, and all other kinds of pastries.

The best part is, you don’t have to be guilty indulging on these sweet treats! Aside from giving additional flavor, the concentrated tiger nut milk gives the perfect touch of sweetness without having to use added sugars. It is also best for all diets and intolerances as this is a healthier alternative for regular milk that allows you to create all kinds of vegan and gluten-free desserts!  

A Bombon, please!

You probably weren’t born yet, but years ago, a milkman distributed milk door-to-door. In some remote areas in Spain, the milkman didn’t come on a daily basis, hence, the locals opted to serve the typical latte with condensed milk. And from that moment, a coffee named “Bombon” was born.

Now, we challenge you to make a Bombon with a twist! Use the concentrated tiger nut milk to sweeten an espresso! Give it a try…but be careful, you might get hooked! 

Given its exquisite flavor, our vegan and lactose-intolerant friends can now enjoy the sweet and creamy milk like condensed milk without having to worry about the ingredients!  


No-Guilt ice cream

We are rapidly looking for healthy options without depriving our sweet tooth. If you’ve ever stumbled upon our horchata shop, L’Obrador de Bouyou would notice that part of our ice cream flavors are made of our natural and organic tiger nut milk

Making homemade ice cream is not as complicated as it sounds. With milk, fruits, chocolates, and other ingredients that you already have at home, you can easily prepare any ice cream flavor to your liking! And if you have a bottle of concentrated horchata in your pantry, it’s even better! Ice creams are mainly made of milk, eggs, cream, and sugar. This may sound a bit unhealthy, but that wouldn’t be the case if you choose to substitute some ingredients to a healthier option. Well, thanks to the concentrated Valencian tiger nut milk, now you can prepare a sweet and healthy dessert for that craving sweet tooth! 


Recipes with organic concentrate tiger nut milk

And to kickoff that imagination of yours, here are four easy, tasty, and mouthwatering recipes made of concentrate tiger nut milk for you to experiment on! Have fun in the kitchen!

horchata concentrate

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